OTEN – Open Training and Education Network

You can study OTEN’s online TAFE courses at your own pace, and start anytime.

OTEN is the largest online TAFE provider in Australia. Their flexible courses are developed in consultation with relevant industry groups – to ensure you build the skills that are valued by employers.

Many OTEN courses are VET FEE-HELP approved so you can study now and pay later.

You'll receive outstanding student support as you work towards your career-relevant, accredited qualification.

If you're looking to upskill your staff, see our corporate training courses.

64 OTEN – Open Training and Education Network courses:

Outstanding student support

As a SEEK Learning student, you'll be contacted by your teachers from time to time to discuss your progress. Any queries you send receive priority attention, and all your assignments will be marked and returned within seven working days.

You can contact OTEN teaching staff by phone from Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm. Your tutors will generally respond to your emails within one business day.

You can also access extra support online between 3pm and 11pm every night except Saturday. Through the free YourTutor service, you can get help with report writing, maths, research and referencing. A tutor will give you guidance via online chat, and you can easily send your work back and forth.

50K students enrolled with OTEN through SEEK Learning

Source: SEEK Learning as at February 2013


"The best thing about studying with OTEN was being able to study at my own pace. Studying from home gave me the flexibility to easily change my study habits when life changed."

Jason Costa, OTEN graduate


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  • Why should I study at OTEN by distance learning?

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    Why should I study at OTEN by distance learning?

    Studying a TAFE course by distance means you can study at your own pace so that study fits into your lifestyle. You can gain a TAFE certificate or diploma in six months or two years, it’s your choice.

    Enrolment is available all year round, so you decide when to start. As a

    SEEK Learning TAFE student, you can also look forward to comprehensive support to help you in your studies.

    The benefits of distance education include cutting the time and expense of travelling to classes, not having your study times and locations dictated by anyone else, and having the freedom to work and pursue your other interests.

    Our one-off inclusive fee will cover all your textbooks, learning materials and student support.

  • What kind of student support does OTEN offer?

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    What kind of student support does OTEN offer?

    To help you achieve your goals, expert teacher support is on hand. If you're experiencing difficulties, you can contact a teacher or use the OTEN (Open Training and Education Network) Learning Support site (OLS) for help. When you enrol, details are supplied enabling you to access this website. You'll also be able to get updates on your course and study progress via the OLS.

    Student support is available from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm throughout the year. Emails are generally responded to within one business day.

  • I'm a school leaver/I have no qualifications. Am I eligible to study TAFE?

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    I'm a school leaver/I have no qualifications. Am I eligible to study TAFE?

    Our TAFE courses are designed to suit everyone, including school leavers and mature age students. Our courses do not have formal pre-requisites, making them accessible to everyone.

    For some courses, however, some experience is recommended. Students who do not have the recommended experience should discuss the course's suitability with a SEEK Learning Consultant.

    Types of experience recommended are:

    • Year 12 (HSC): This means that you have successfully completed your final year of secondary school.
    • Mature age entry: This means that you have some post-school experience that helps you to make an informed choice about this course. Typically this will mean you are over 20 years old (at a minimum) with some general work experience.
    • Industry experience: This means that you have some experience (normally work experience) in the industry that the course relates to.
  • Why should I take a TAFE course with SEEK Learning?

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    Why should I take a TAFE course with SEEK Learning?

    SEEK Learning has partnered with OTEN (Open Training and Education Network) to offer you TAFE diploma and certificate courses that are nationally recognised and government-accredited. The qualifications you gain will be recognised and credited by universities to fast track your education.

    SEEK Learning's TAFE courses are also quality-assured and 94% of OTEN TAFE students report high levels of satisfaction after completing an OTEN TAFE course.

  • What kind of resources do I need to study through OTEN?

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    What kind of resources do I need to study through OTEN?

    You'll need regular access to the Internet and an email address that will be used for correspondence. You will need a computer with a CD drive as learning materials will be supplied on CDs.

    To enable the best learning experience, we recommend the following minimum specifications for your computer system:

    • At least 128MB RAM
    • At least 1GB hard drive
    • 56K modem or better
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader available free from the Adobe website
    • CD ROM drive
    • Printer
    • Microsoft Office 2000 or later

    For PC users

    • A Pentium I processor or better
    • Windows 2000 or later
    • MS Internet Explorer 5 or later (recommended browser)

    For Mac users

    • Macintosh G3 or better
    • OS 9.2 or later
    • Firefox (recommended browser)

Key features

OTEN is Australia's largest provider of TAFE courses by distance education.

  • Wide range of courses
  • Teacher and online support
  • Online + distance education