Office Manager

An Office Manager organises and manages the operations of an office including administrative systems and resources. The average salary of an Office Manager is $60,120.

Duties of an Office Manager can include scheduling appointments, greeting clients, booking travel and accommodation, and preparing presentations and proposals.

Average salary
$60,120 P/A

Source: (October 2017)
Min average salary
$54,252 P/A

Source: (October 2017)
Max average salary
$65,988 P/A

Source: (October 2017)
Job growth

Projection: 5% more Office Managers employed in Australia in 2020 (compared to 2015)

Employment by region

The top three regions for employment as an Office Manager are:

  • NSW: 32%
  • VIC: 23%
  • QLD: 18%

Key skills required
  • Able to supervise
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Aptitude for working with computers
  • Good organisational skills


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