Agricultural Technician

An Agricultural Technician conducts research and carries out experiments on food and other agricultural products to prevent disease and improve quality. The average salary of an Agricultural Technician is $54,166.

As an Agricultural Technician, you might work with related scientists and primary producers in a variety of environments such as indoor labs and remote outdoor locations.

Average salary
$54,166 P/A

Source: (October 2017)
Min average salary
$50,000 P/A

Source: (October 2017)
Max average salary
$58,332 P/A

Source: (October 2017)
Job growth

Projection: 5% more Agricultural Technicians employed in Australia in 2020 (compared to November 2015)

Employment by region

The top three regions for employment as an Agricultural Technician are:

  • WA: 37.6%
  • NSW: 24%
  • SA: 14.7%

Key skills required
  • Good at science
  • Able to analyse and solve problems
  • Enjoy agriculture and the environment
  • Able to make accurate observations and recordings
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Enjoy working outdoors


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