Great teaching opportunities in China

This is the perfect time to get TESOL-certified and teach English in China. The demand for English teachers is so high that free airfares, accommodation and other great perks may be included in your teaching contract.

TESOL - Teach in China

All you need is fluency in English and a TESOL qualification.

  • No teaching experience necessary
  • No need to understand the local language
  • Earn while having a meaningful impact on the local community

Benefits of TESOL certification

Though the exact benefits will depend on your teaching contract, as a TESOL-certified teacher in China you’ll enjoy:

  • Reimbursed airfares
  • Free accommodation, transport and utilities
  • Bonus packages for completing a 12-month contract
  • Additional bonus if you sign on for another year
  • 6-8 weeks of paid holidays per year
  • Free language and cultural lessons

TESOL courses to get you there:

Why teach English in China?

Demand for English teachers in China is increasing rapidly. This means plenty of job opportunities for those with TESOL certifications. Locals are learning the language to:

  • Advance their careers
  • Improve their business prospects
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Compete in a global marketplace

Demand for private tutors is also increasing from parents who want their children to master the language before studying overseas. This means you can earn additional income outside your teaching hours!

TESOL - Teach in China

Rewarding experiences

China is a culturally and geographically diverse country with a wealth of historic treasures to take in.

From the cities of Beijing and Shanghai to the provinces of Shandong and Hunan, there's so much to see and do - explore the Forbidden City, walk along the Great Wall, marvel at the Shaolin Monastery or travel along the ancient Silk Road.

Take the opportunity to travel and teach in different regions to experience unique festivals, food and lifestyles.

China offers a safe working environment with good working conditions. With low costs of living and most of your expenses covered, teaching in China can be both personally and financially rewarding.