Teach English overseas on a working holiday

If you're aged between 18 and 30, you may be eligible for a working holiday visa, which allows you to work while you're travelling. It is a fantastic way for you to see the world and not worry about your savings.

TESOL - Teach English on a Holiday Visa

Many people choose to work in hospitality and tourism industries overseas, but there are other options. If you're proficient in English, you can teach instead.

Infinitely more rewarding than waiting tables or washing dishes, it also offers a secure and competitive salary and benefits.

All you need is a recognised TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification - which you can gain quickly through our TESOL Courses. As a qualified TESOL teacher, you'll be in great demand, and highly respected wherever you choose to go.

What's a working holiday visa and who's eligible?

It's a travel permit that allows you to supplement your travel funds through short-term employment. These visas are usually valid for up to 12 months. You don't need to have a job lined up to be eligible for a working holiday visa. As long as you're an Australian or New Zealand citizen aged 18 to 30, you can apply for one.

Whether you're on your gap year, in between careers, or simply want a travel adventure like no other, a working holiday visa is the way to go.

Where can you teach?

Short-term TESOL contracts are available in several countries, including:

  • Belgium
  • Chile
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand (You need a degree to teach English in this country)
  • Turkey (You need a degree to teach English in this country)

TESOL - Teach English on a Holiday Visa

In just a matter of weeks, you could be skiing on the Alps, drinking beer in Brussels, enjoying the pulsating nightlife in Bangkok, belly dancing in Istanbul or cheering on sumo wrestlers in Tokyo - the possibilities are endless. All while being paid!

You don't need to understand the local language - although many TESOL teachers find themselves learning the language from their students! And you don't need any teaching experience - we'll teach you everything you need.

Why do you need TESOL certification?

TESOL certification is mandatory in many countries. It proves that you have the practical skills you need to successfully teach students whose first language isn't English.

Our TESOL courses will teach you how to:

  • Design teaching programs for different age groups, levels and needs
  • Keep your classes alive, fun and effective with creative activities and games
  • Interact with students and keep them motivated
  • Apply for jobs using our job application guide and job placement service
  • Deal with culture shock

Teachers who have substantial experience living and teaching overseas will train you. They'll share with you their knowledge and experience of the different countries they've lived in, the schools they've taught at and the students they've met. Their personal insights will provide you with valuable tips that you won't get from any book or website.

Choose the TESOL course that's right for you

We offer a range of internationally recognised TESOL courses through ATA TESOL College (RTO 31228), one of Australia's largest private TESOL training companies.

Best of all, you can choose to study in class, online or by correspondence.