TESOL College job guarantee

If you go through TESOL College's unique employment process, apply for positions that you're qualified for and are not offered a job after completing your program, TESOL College will refund your money as long as your claim is made within one year of program completion (subject to a processing fee of 10% of the total tuition fee).

Please note that this guarantee applies to non-native English-speaking countries only.

While ATA TESOL College (RTO 31228) programs are available to everyone, the following conditions apply in order to qualify for the job guarantee:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must have completed high school or equivalent
  • You must be a native English speaker, or a fluent non-native English speaker (fluency to be determined by the corresponding instructor or TESOL College contact)
  • You must complete an entire TESOL program including all required units. Students who complete specialisation courses only are not eligible for this guarantee
  • You must follow the specific employment process outlined in the Employment Handbook manual (self-enquiry, research, letter of introduction, cover letter, resume, reference letters, photo and interview)
  • You must apply for at least 10 different jobs in each of at least three different countries (30 jobs in total). China must be one of the countries
  • You must contact the corresponding instructor or TESOL College contact for job placement assistance on at least one occasion before being eligible to apply for a refund. The corresponding instructor or TESOL College contact must be able to validate this
  • You must hold an Australian passport and meet the visa and other entry requirements for the country you are applying to

Please note:

  • TESOL College reserves the right to carry out a job search on your behalf. If TESOL College is able to generate a job offer for you, no job guarantee will apply
  • TESOL College is not responsible for all visa, passport, immigration, quarantine, customs, health and other requirements of the countries in which you choose to teach. You must carry a valid passport (with at least six months validity). TESOL College is not responsible for your failure to ensure that you comply with these requirements
  • Job guarantee does not apply to working in Australia.

The job guarantee timeline

In-class: Job guarantee valid for up to one year from the graduation date of the in-class course.

Online: Job guarantee valid for up to a year from shipment of the correspondence program or commencement of your online course.

How to apply for a refund

  • You must prove to TESOL College that you emailed, faxed or mailed at least 10 letters of introduction or job applications to a minimum of each of three different countries in which you are qualified to teach (a minimum of 30 job application letters in total).
  • You must prove to TESOL College that you were rejected by all 30 schools that you applied to for employment. Copies of all 30 rejection letters must be submitted to the TESOL College head office by mail. Rejection letters must include the name of the director and school, and include the email, telephone, fax number and mailing address of the contact person in charge of hiring. Other forms of proof may be accepted in lieu of these letters of rejection.
  • You must submit the cover letter, resume and reference letters used during your process of job searching to the TESOL College head office by mail.
  • You must complete the Refund Application Form in full. This must be printed off the computer, completed and mailed to the TESOL College head office. Please be aware that incomplete forms will not qualify for a refund.

In summary, you will need to send the following documents by mail to the TESOL College head office (all in one envelope labelled 'Job Guarantee Refund'):

  1. 30 job applications or letters of introduction (10 each from at least three different countries)
  2. 30 rejection letters
  3. Your cover letter, resume and reference letters

Once your request is received, TESOL College will research your case thoroughly and respond.

Please be aware that any package without a completed Refund Application Form or without all required documents will not qualify for a refund.

Upon verification that all your documents and letters of correspondence are legitimate, you will then be required to return all TESOL manuals, TESOL certificates, license and a copy of your tuition receipt in order to receive your tuition refund (minus the 10% processing fee of total tuition fee). Postage for returned materials will be your responsibility.

Contact a SEEK Learning consultant for more information about the TESOL College job guarantee.