Criminologists study and analyse the justice system, complex crimes, and the criminals who commit them. The average salary of a Criminologist is $83,571 per annum.

It is the responsibility of a Criminologist to understand the impact of these crimes on society and contribute to policy-making.

Average salary
$73,241 P/A

Source: (August 2015)
Min average salary
$83,571 P/A

Source: (August 2015)
Max average salary
$98,928 P/A

Source: (August 2015)
Job growth

Projection: 8% more Criminologists employed in Australia in 2018 (compared to 2013)

Employment by region

The top three regions for employment as a Criminologist are:

  • NSW: 30%
  • VIC: 29%
  • QLD: 17%

Key skills required
  • Analytical ability
  • Personal integrity
  • Interested in welfare and human behaviour
  • Interested in working with disadvantaged groups


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