Project or Program Administrator

Contract, Program and Project Administrators plan and undertake administration of contracts, organisational programs, special projects and support services. The average salary of a Project Administrator is $61,425 per annum.

Project and program administrators plan and administer programs, special projects and support services, including management or staff, and can work for either public or private sector organisations. They are responsible for ensuring that projects, such as major building and construction or information technology infrastructure, or programs such as new government policies, are designed and completed on time and within budget. 

Average salary
$61,425 P/A

Source: (October 2017)
Min average salary
$55,785 P/A

Source: (October 2017)
Max average salary
$67,065 P/A

Source: (October 2017)
Key skills required
  • Time management skills
  • Team leadership skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Financial awareness and ability to manage finances
  • Sound judgement and analytical skills
  • Able to work under pressure to strict deadlines


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