Bachelor of International Studies

This Bachelor of International Studies will give you a strong understanding of the international forces shaping government, business and community life in Australia and globally.

An exciting feature of the course is an immersive international experience. It aims to give you an-depth understanding of a particular society, and may involve studying at an overseas university, working for an international organisation or learning a language.

Graduates of this degree find interesting work in aid, government, non-profit organisations and international businesses.

As an online student you’ll have the flexibility to study when and where it suits you, and graduate with the same globally-recognised Deakin University qualification as an on-campus student.

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Nationally recognised - meets Australian Qualifications Framework standards.


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Work placement

A form of international experience is required

Course length
Full-time: 3 years | Part-time: 4-6 years | Maximum 7 years
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2 start dates per year.

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You can gain entry into the Bachelor of International Studies by fulfilling one of these criteria:

  • Year 12 with an ATAR of 60, OR
  • a Diploma or educational equivalent, OR
  • relevant work experience including any community work

In all cases, selection is based primarily on academic merit. Information on your existing qualifications and work experience will also be considered in the selection process (and you may also gain credit for prior learning).

What you'll learn

You’ll learn skills in analysis and interpretation of the international forces shaping government, business and community life in contemporary Australia.

You will also develop a systematic understanding of other countries and societies, as well as cross-cultural competencies, through an internationally oriented curriculum.

International experience

A form of international experience is an essential part of this course.

You will need to complete one of these options:

  • An international internship
  • An internship with an international organisation, undertaken in Australia
  • A trimester of study abroad
  • Deakin's language program (for students studying Arabic, Indonesian or Chinese)

Course structure

Students must complete 24 credit points of study, including six core units; a major sequence selected from the list below; and at least two credit points of approved international experience.

Major sequences

  1. Indonesian

  2. International relations

  3. Middle East studies

Core units

  1. Cross-cultural communication

  2. Professional writing for work

  3. Order and justice in world politics

  4. International studies @ work

  5. Understanding public policy

  6. Contemporary social research

  7. Developed and developing worlds

International Relations major sequence

  1. International relations

  2. Australia and the world

  3. Issues and themes in Middle East politics

  4. The rise of China

  5. Order and justice in world politics

  6. Controversies in global capitalism

  7. Theories of international relations

  8. International relations of the Asia-Pacific

  9. Conflict, security and terrorism

  10. Study Tour: America and the international system

  11. Study Tour: International and intercultural studies

  12. Study Tour: Japanese politics, society and culture

  13. American foreign policy

  14. Beyond borders: Transnational activism in world politics

  15. Transnational diplomacy and policy

International study experience

Students have the opportunity to undertake one of the following:

  • trimester of study at an overseas university exchange partner
  • international internship
  • in-country language program (in Chinese, Indonesian or Arabic)
  • approved study abroad program
  • approved onshore internship with an international organisation.

For more information on the course structure contact a SEEK Learning consultant.

Support and delivery

How Deakin's online courses are delivered

As an online student you’ll watch lectures, complete readings and participate in tutorials, just like an on-campus student. The difference is you’ll do this online, when it suits you.

Deakin was one of the first universities in Australia to deliver courses for off-campus students, and they pride themselves on an online learning system that is cutting-edge, engaging and easy to use.

Payment options

There are 2 ways you can pay for this course:

1. Study now pay later – HECS-HELP

This course can be paid for through the HECS-HELP government loan scheme.

This means you don’t need to pay upfront for the course if you:

2. Upfront payment

You can pay for this course upfront via credit card or bank transfer.

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