Studying with JMC Academy

JMC Academy is Australia's leading educator in the entertainment industry.

As a JMC student you will learn from a dedicated team of industry professionals, and gain hands-on skills in a supportive environment.

Gain valuable experience while studying

To get started in the entertainment business, it’s essential you understand how the multi-faceted industry operates. JMC Academy’s courses are structured to provide you with this understanding.

Through collaborative projects with students studying in different fields, you will learn what it’s like to be part of a large, interconnected industry with networks of producers, distributors, promoters and buyers.

You will emerge with real-world experience and a keen appreciation of the key role you can play in this rapidly growing industry.

How do I enrol?

If you’re ready to start, get in touch with your SEEK Learning Consultant, who can:

  • Discuss study and payment options with you.
  • Assist with the enrolment process and save you time.
  • Give you information on start dates and study materials.

Recognition of prior learning

You may be able to get credit for some units of the course you study based on your existing knowledge. Previous studies and work experience may be recognised through a Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Leaning.

If you get credit for certain units, you won’t need to study these units and can complete the course in less time.

How will my qualification help me get into the entertainment industry?

Generally speaking, employers prefer skilled recruits who have the experience and confidence to hit the ground running – and that’s exactly what JMC Academy qualifications deliver.

Training is led by experts who are still heavily involved in the industry, ensuring that the knowledge you gain is relevant and timely.

Throughout your course, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills and talent at performance nights. This will help you develop a professional portfolio of work suitable for employment interviews.

You’re also encouraged to collaborate with students from other departments on different projects – so you may graduate with a ready network of contacts that can help you land jobs in the real world.

What is the difference between the Diploma and Degree programs?

JMC Academy courses are structured to provide you with options. Once you enrol in your course of choice, you can choose to study up to the Diploma level (for 1 year) or Bachelor Degree level (for 2 years).

The Diploma courses provide you with foundation knowledge and training in your area of interest. They are are ideal if you want a basic qualification that will get you into the industry and working sooner.

Degrees are higher qualifications that can lead to increased job prospects. Degree courses are ideal if you are seeking in-depth theoretical knowledge in your area and willing to invest more time in your studies before starting a career.

Contact your SEEK Learning Consultant to discuss the right course level for you.