Diploma of Parks & Gardens Management


  • Flexible online Diploma of Parks and Gardens Management (AHC50710) with no exams
  • Build skills to further your career in the horticulture industry as a Parks Designer or Parks Manager
  • Study now & pay for the course later via government loan

This course is currently in the process of being replaced in line with training package requirements to ensure that our courses are current and are relevant to industry practices.

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OTEN – Open Training & Education Network (RTO 90004)
Career Opportunities
  • Park Ranger
  • Park Designer
  • Parks & Reserves Manager
  • Parks & Gardens Maintenance Technician
  • Parks Manager

Nationally recognised - meets Australian Qualifications Framework standards.
Endorsed by the Australia Institute of Horticulture.


Relevant experience & access to suitable landscape sites.
If you pay using VET FEE-HELP you need to provide a Year 12 Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy test.



Course length
Self-paced (e.g. 36 hrs a week = finish in 1 year, 27 hrs a week = finish in 18 months). Complete within 18 months.
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Study from anywhere, when it suits you best and graduate with the identical qualification as an on-campus student.


Study part of the course online. Combine your online learning with classes or practical sessions on-campus at a college or university.


Attend classes on-campus at a university, TAFE or college and interact face-to-face with teachers and fellow students.

Written assignments
Start date

This course is currently in the process of being replaced.

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OTEN – Open Training & Education Network (RTO 90004)

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  • Certificate III in Horticulture or demonstrated experience in the horticultural or landscape design industry

You will also need:

  • Regular access to 2 landscape sites 

If you pay for the course using a VET FEE-HELP government loan, you need to:

  • provide a Year 12 Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (from an Australian agency), OR
  • successfully complete a Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) test.

What you'll learn

You'll learn how to:

  • Diagnose plant health problems
  • Apply urban design principles
  • Cost and develop landscape projects
  • Identify land capability and conservation issues
  • Assess restoration sites
  • Prepare tenders and tender documentation
  • Develop a site analysis plan

Course structure

12 units

Core units

  1. AHCPGD5041A - Develop & implement a streetscape management plan

    This unit covers the development and implementation of a streetscape management plan and discusses:

    • urban design principles: the private vs public realms and "activating the street"
    • applying urban design principles to the design of streetscapes [legibility, safety, walkability, connectivity, diversity, endurability]
    • landscape assessment and site analysis
    • horticultural and arboricultural practices used in streetscape management
    • broad-based planning of streetscapes, masterplanning and detailed streetscape design
    • the role of community consultation and public exhibition in streetscape design
    • documentation of the streetscape management plan
    • implementation of the streetscape management plan
  2. AHCPCM501A - Diagnose plant health problems

    This unit covers the process of diagnosing plant health problems and defines the standard required to:

    • identify plant species and describe their growing requirements and characteristics
    • assess the suitability of the growing environment and the level of beneficial organisms
    • diagnose and record plant disorders and diseases
    • formulate a weed, pest or disease control program using the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
    • implement modifications to plant growing conditions
    • document a treatment program report
  3. AHCLSC502A - Manage landscape projects

    This unit covers the process of managing landscape projects and defines the standard required to:

    • receive/prepare landscape project documentation
    • develop and cost a bill of quantities
    • develop a schedule of works
    • order and arrange for purchase and delivery of goods and services
    • organise and manage works program and works team
    • identify sub-contracted work and program and manage subcontractors
    • identify, negotiate and implement variations to the contract
    • identify and rectify non-conforming elements to the contract
    • prepare and manage on-going maintenance program until handover
  4. AHCPGD503A - Manage parks & reserves

    This unit covers the process of managing parks and reserves and defines discusses:

    • park and reserve management plan objectives, deliverables and timelines
    • researching park and reserve site factors using maps, plans and technical reports
    • implementing legislative and regulatory requirements relevant to parks and reserve land
    • implementing the principles of the Australian Natural Heritage Charter and the Draft Guidelines for the Protection, Management and Use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Places and the Burra Charter
    • identifying land capability and conservation issues on and surrounding the site
    • assessing environmental impacts on the immediate and related environments and impact reduction techniques
    • preparing a site analysis plan detailing landscape values, physical features and characteristics, land uses (both past and present), physical conditions and biological characteristics
    • developing and costing recommended actions in a draft management plan
    • consulting with stakeholders and incorporating feedback into a final management plan
    • documenting a management plan for parks, reserves, gardens or open spaces
  5. AHCPGD501A - Manage plant cultural practices

    This unit covers the process of managing a plant cultural program and defines the standard required to:

    • specify the plant cultural practices of the site
    • develop plant cultural practice management plans
    • manage the implementation of a plant cultural program
    • monitor and evaluate the processes in implementing a plant cultural program
    • document the program results in a report
  6. BSBHRM506A - Manage recruitment selection & induction processes

    This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to manage all aspects of the recruitment selection and induction processes in accordance with organisational policies and procedures.

  7. AHCBUS501A - Manage staff

    This unit covers the processes involved with managing staff in regard to:

    • writing job descriptions and personnel specifications
    • preparing interviews questions and then conducting interviews
    • implementing equal opportunity legislation and industrial awards
    • managing staff contracts & arranging employment
    • running employee induction programs
    • performance-managing staff and reviewing labour productivity
    • administering staff records
    • managing industrial relations
  8. AHCBUS503A - Negotiate & monitor contracts

    This unit covers the negotiation and monitoring of contracts and defines the standard required to:

    • establish agreements with sources external to the enterprise
    • complete contract documentation
    • monitor the performance of contracts
  9. AHCTRF501A - Plan the establishment of sports turf playing surfaces

    This unit covers the process of managing and planning the establishment of sports turf playing surfaces and discusses:

    • the principles and practices of establishing and maintaining a range of sports turf playing surfaces in relation to client and user needs, and the standards required for the intended use of the surface
    • site evaluation techniques including analysis of the condition of soils, plants and the site for turf establishment activities
    • irrigation, drainage and the interrelationship of soil, air, water and the physical structure of existing and manufactured soils and sports turf mixes
    • plant selection, cultural practices and construction procedures for sports turf playing surfaces
    • growth habits and cultural requirements of specific turf plant species and cultivars under a range of soil and environmental conditions
    • maintenance requirements and practices for specific turf plant species and cultivars prior to and after initial establishment
    • documentation of sports turf fields
  10. AHCPGD502A - Plan the restoration of parks & gardens

    This unit covers the process of planning the restoration of parks and gardens of historical or cultural significance, developing a comprehensive restoration program of works and the development of a relevant site plan, specifications and work procedures and defines the standard required to:

    • assess a restoration site and develop a concept plan
    • determine the requirements of restoration works
    • document a detailed plan, specification and quotation
    • document all procedures required for restoration and ongoing maintenance
    • document the schedules of work for restoration and maintenance
  11. AHCBUS504A - Prepare estimates, quotes & tenders

    This unit covers the processes involved with the preparation of estimates, quotes and tenders, and looks in detail at:

    • Australian Standards and the specific laws and regulations governing the horticultural industry
    • client types and typical consultant services
    • fees proposals
    • project resource requirements and working with allied professionals
    • Quality Assurance and issues of professional negligence
    • preparing tenders and tender documentation
    • Opinions of Probable Costs and Bills of Quantities
    • Intellectual property rights
  12. AHCPCM503A - Specify plants for landscapes

    This unit covers specifying plants for landscapes and defines the standard required to:

    • inspect and identify an extensive range of plants
    • determine the suitability of a plant for a purpose; evaluate and document the selection of plants
    • specification of replacement plantings
    • monitor and record quality control of selections
    • document a report of the identification, evaluation and specification process

Support and delivery

When you study online with OTEN, you can:

  • Study from anywhere, when it suits you best.
  • Graduate with the identical qualification as an on-campus student.
  • Get comprehensive support from teachers via phone and email.
  • Access course materials online.
  • Interact with teachers and fellow students via platforms like virtual classrooms, forums and video calls.

OTEN's online courses can also be referred to as distance education. Some hard-copy course materials and assessments may be accessed or submitted via post.

Payment options

There are 3 ways you can pay for this course:

1. Study now pay later – VET FEE-HELP

If you are eligible, you can pay for this course through the Australian Government’s VET FEE-HELP loan scheme, meaning you don’t need to pay upfront for the course. Through VET FEE-HELP, the Australian Government pays the amount of your course to the education provider on your behalf. You’ll start paying back this loan (including a 20% loan fee) through the tax system once your taxable income is more than the minimum repayment threshold (which is $54,869 for the 2016-2017 financial year).

On the 5th October 2016 the Australian Government announced plans to replace the VET FEE-HELP scheme with the VET Student Loans scheme, which are scheduled to apply from the 1st January 2017.

Before choosing to access VET FEE-HELP you should understand the impact of these proposed changes on the VET-FEE HELP scheme, as well as the proposed VET Student Loans program.

The Government has advised that students who access VET-FEE HELP prior to the 31st December 2016 may continue to access the VET FEE-HELP scheme until the 31st December 2017, provided the student notifies the Australian Government Department of Education and Training of this intention by the 31st March 2017. 

To do this, the student needs to complete an online form that will be made available on the Department’s website. If the student does not inform the Department, access to VET-FEE HELP will cease on the 31st March 2017.

If your study continues into 2018, the proposed changes state you may not be able to access VET FEE-HELP after 31st December 2017. However, you may be able to access the new proposed VET Student Loans scheme, depending on the course and provider. For further information and updates, you should regularly check the Australian Government’s proposed changes to student loan schemes.

Find out more about the proposed changes.

2. 12-month interest free payment plan

Pay for your course over time by making weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

This flexible payment plan requires no deposit, and you pay no interest for the first 12 months.

After 12 months, you will be charged an interest rate of 19.95% per annum on the amount that remains to be repaid.

Most working Australian adults are eligible. See Am I Eligible? for details.

A SEEK Learning consultant can help you set up this payment plan. There is a $99 annual fee. Terms and conditions apply.

3. Upfront payment

You can pay for this course upfront via credit card or bank transfer.

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