SiERP course delivery & support

How SiERP's online courses are delivered

SiERP courses are delivered via SAP training manuals and online exercises based on the SAP system.

As an online student, you can complete your whole course online from anywhere in Australia.

If you like, you can access the training facility at the Sydney campus in the evenings and on Saturdays.

While most SiERP courses are entirely online, TERP10 (Business Process Integration) is delivered partly online and partly on campus in Sydney. This course includes online coursework as well as face-to-face tutorials and workshops led by instructors.

Support services for students

As a SiERP student, you’ll have access to the SAP Online Help Support system.

In addition to the support you’ll receive from SAP, you will also receive personalised assistance from the SiERP support team via Skype and email.

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