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We regularly receive emails and phone calls from students thanking us for helping them find and enrol in the right course. Here's a selection of testimonials and reviews we've received to date.

After contacting many different institutions explaining what l wanted to do and my current commitment level, I was advised to attend classes over many years to complete my chosen studies.

When l spoke to the SEEK Learning consultant, she explained to me how l could complete my studies through OTEN [Open Training and Education Network] and how it would meet my expectations, including how it was going to fit into my lifestyle.

She organised everything for me and explained to me in plain English how it was going to happen and when. Without her help, l would never have started or believed l could study without impacting majorly on my life's commitments. I completed my chosen studies within a year compared to multiple years sitting in a classroom.

SEEK Learning is a great tool to find the right course for you. Where others had failed to find the right course for me, the SEEK Learning consultant was able to identify and explain clearly what course suited my timelines and make it fit into my busy schedule.

She was able to discuss and identify future courses that would enable me to achieve further qualifications and what credits would be applied from courses already completed; it was that easy! She enrolled me and organised all my study materials to arrive promptly. I did not do much at all!

Jason Costa, Diploma in OHS, Management, Business & HR student

Having dealt with a large number of universities and education providers within the last four years, my experience told me not to expect a response to my submission for at least a week. However, less than 24 hours since I submitted my enquiries, I received a phone call.

I was utterly impressed not only by the speed of response but also the help that I had from the SEEK Learning consultant. Her professionalism, helpfulness and thorough explanations had me speechless. She answered all of my questions and explained in great detail the course outlines, the cost, the qualifications that I would attain, my options and even potential job opportunities upon graduating.

Lisa Logue, TESOL student

Wow is the word for me today. Wow for the fantastic email information you sent through to me, and wow for your professional communications over the phone. You have assisted thoroughly with every question I have asked, and provided clear information regarding the course I contacted you about.

It was absolutely refreshing to have such a great wealth of knowledge on the other end of the phone, well done. Customer service is such a huge part of my business and the business world I find myself in; your service was 110%. Keep up the great work!

Robyn Morris, Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling) student

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting me set up and started with the MCP [Microsoft Certified Professional] course. The SEEK consultant was prompt, very friendly, and ready to help straight away! It's a great service to have. It makes me feel a little bit less nervous about getting into it, knowing that there's someone available to talk to if I need help.

Augustine Whitehouse, Microsoft Certification student

The SEEK Learning consultant was so patient with me, moving through the steps slowly. I am really grateful, as I was really nervous about taking the first step back to education and a better future.

Olivia Patterson, Bachelor of Communication student

Since I first called and requested assistance in relation to some
studies I wished to undertake, SEEK Learning has been exceptional in ensuring that I received all the information. I have been extremely busy, and the assistance and follow-up was greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for the exceptional assistance to ensure that my enrolment and VET FEE-HELP application were completed.

Lisa H, Diploma of Management student

I am certainly looking forward to commencing my studies and entering a new phase of challenges in my life. I appreciate your positive attitude and general help. I have found it slightly daunting in working out where to begin and you have certainly put me on the right track.

It is wonderful to know that there is an organisation such as yourselves, that can co-ordinate matters pertaining to university education for prospective students.

Elizabeth Anderson, Bachelor of Business student

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