Changing industries - where you're going & why

Over half of Australian workers say they want to make the leap into a different industry, according to independent research by GFK on behalf of SEEK (Apr-Jun 2014).

On top of that, two thirds of people who want to change industries admitted they actually find the prospect exciting.

We gathered the following insights from Australians looking to change industries to find out what is motivating them and where they hope to go.

Administration & Office Support

As one of the largest industries in Australia, administration and office support offers an abundance of roles to choose from. Many are drawn to administration roles because there are often few prerequisites, and great opportunities to develop your skills in the workplace.

Admin workers looking to change industries, though, are seeking the chance to earn better wages, and a chance to follow their passion.

If they move, they’ll move to:

Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare and medical professionals tend to enjoy a trustworthy reputation and worry little about job security, so it’s no doubt a solid career choice.

Those working in healthcare and wanting a change are seeking an opportunity to try new skills, and a better work/life balance.

If they move, they’ll move to:

Retail & Consumer Products

Many people in retail and consumer fields such as fashion love this industry and the brands they work for. The seven-workdays-a-week can also mean flexible hours that suit certain lifestyles.

Employees hoping to switch from retail into something new are usually pursuing a better income or something they are more interested in.

If they move, they’ll move to:

Education & Training

Teaching is regarded as one of the most trusted professions in Australia. Along with its great reputation, people are drawn to work in education for the job satisfaction and the appealing holiday schedules.

Teachers who are considering leaving the industry are usually chasing an even better work/life balance, or a chance to apply themselves to work they’re more passionate about.

If they move, they’ll move to:

Government & Defence

Government and defence workers who are opting to move out of the industry often have a goal to feel more challenged, and a desire to progress their career.

For those remaining in government and defence there are plenty of reasons to stay – some roles offer opportunities to travel, and other roles are believed to be highly regarded in the community.

If they move, they’ll move to:

The ‘change’ challenge

You are certainly not alone if you think there might be an industry that’s a better fit for you, or offers you something more.

If changing your job is on your mind, perhaps it’s time to find out a bit more about what your options really are, and what industry might be the best fit. Do some research online, use your networks to talk to people in different fields, and learn what it’s really like to work in the industry you have your eye on.

Changing industries or careers can be a big step, but many Australians do make the transition successfully at various stages in their lives.

If you need to study to qualify yourself for work in a different field, courses with flexible study modes are a terrific option.

Courses delivered online, part-time or self-paced make it easier to fit study into your life and move into a new industry.