Hot industries to explore in 2016

Keen to know which jobs are on the rise for 2017? Alternatively, read on for Australia's hottest industries in 2016.

We’ve done the hard work for you by crunching our employment data, and researching government and independent statistics to compile a list of the top opportunities for you in 2016.

The coming year looks positive for job seekers, with the rise of the services economy shifting away from manufacturing and providing more job opportunities for contractors and work-from-home roles.

According to the latest SEEK Job Growth Report, some of Australia’s fastest growing jobs can be found in education, government and defence, design, and farming and conservation, offering a variety of opportunities across the country.

The hottest industries

Education & Training

The simple maths shows there are more school-aged children and fewer primary and secondary teachers to teach them.

According to the Department of Employment, the continuing growth of jobs within the education and training industries is an outcome of the increase in part-time workers and non-teaching staff.

Hot jobs & the courses to help get you there:

  • Teacher Aides & Special Needs Teachers: The latest SEEK Job Growth Report shows the demand for these roles has grown by 112%, with the average salary also increasing slightly (8.8%) over the past year. Get prepared to provide individual support to students with a Certificate III in Education Support (CHC30213) - no prerequisites required.
  • Primary School Teachers: The SEEK Report also states that the number of job advertisements for teachers in the primary school sector has increased by 96%. If you’re interested in working as a primary school teacher in Australia, you will be required to have a Bachelor degree in Primary Education, or a postgraduate degree in Primary Education.

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Hot jobs 2016 - Agriculture

Farming, Animals & Conservation

The farming, animals and conservation industry is a fast evolving field with a growing need for specialist skills and an understanding of conservation technology.

Hot jobs & the courses to help get you there:

  • Conservation, Parks & Wildlife workers: Employment in the conservation, parks and wildlife space has risen strongly over the past five years, with the last 12 months seeing a particularly dramatic increase of 146%. Whether you're looking to validate your experience with a qualification or you’re just getting started in the industry, a course in conservation and land management will help get you up to date with the latest industry standards.
  • Farm Labourers: Over the past year, there’s been a solid rise in job ads for Farm Labourers across the country (63%), with numbers increasing the most in South Australia and Victoria. Looking to formalise your experience? Develop the technical and husbandry skills desired for a variety of agricultural roles with a Diploma of Agriculture (AHC50116).

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Hot jobs 2016 - Government

Government & Defence

Jobs in the government and defence sector were in hot demand in 2015, with public service employment in the air force, police and corrections, and policy analysis expected to grow substantially in the New Year.

Hot jobs & the courses to help get you there:

  • Government workers: Job ads for local government work saw an increase of 77% over the past year across Australia, with federal government roles doubling in Victoria. Looking forward, employment for Intelligence and Policy Analysts to November 2019 is expected to also experience very strong growth (Department of Employment). These Government and Defence courses are a sample of the kinds of courses that can lead work with the local, state or federal government, or a role in the navy, army or air force.

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Design & Architecture

The demand for design professionals sky-rocketed in 2015, with the need for architects and interior designers increasing across the country. 

Hot jobs & the courses to help get you there:

  • Interior Designers: In 2015, the interior design industry experienced a job growth of 62%, with the average salary of an Interior Designer sitting at $76,203. Aspiring Interior Designers have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of interior design with a Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration.
  • Architects: Demand for architects has escalated over the past few years making the profession one of the most sought after in Australia. To work as an architect, key skills include strong design capabilities, an aptitude for business, engineering knowledge and an understanding of the relevant laws.

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Source: SEEK Job Growth Report, Jan-Nov 2015 vs Jan-Nov 2014, Published December 2015