Front End Developer: Career profile

Sam Chalmers - Front End Developer

Sam Chalmers, Front End Developer

Say hi to Sam Chalmers, a Front End Developer with Reactive, a global digital agency based in Melbourne. A born-and-bred Kiwi, Sam worked in London for over seven years then finally came back to Melbourne to settle down and grow his family.

Tell us a little bit more about your job, and what a typical day at work entails.

I'm a Front End Developer, which means I'm in charge of creating great digital user experiences through creative code. My main role is to make great designs come to life, all the while creating clean and easily accessible experiences for a variety of users on the Internet.

How did you first come across your current role?

I'd first heard of Reactive when I'd just graduated, and had then set a goal to one day secure a role within the agency. Even as I was working in London and in other companies, I made sure to track Reactive's progress through their website while I was gradually building my skill sets. When I returned to Australia, Reactive was one of the first few companies I sent my CV to.

What education and training have you had that has really helped your career?

  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Design)
  • Postgraduate Degree in Multimedia Arts
  • Certificate in Applied Computer Graphics

What's best about being a Developer?

I really enjoy working at the cutting edge of web development, having new projects to challenge myself with and inspire me at work.

What's not so great then?

I suppose that would be deadlines, and the stresses they bring to the job.