Are you addicted to overtime?

According to the latest SEEK Learning Defining Work-Life Balance Report, the nine-to-five work day is no longer the ticket to achieving work-life balance for the majority of Australians. Most workers are now placing high importance in factors such as flexibility in location and work that doesn't disrupt their home lives when moving into a new career.

Surprisingly, the report has also revealed that 5% of Australians aren't looking to change jobs for a better work-life balance because they secretly love working long hours!

Are you one of these self-confessed workaholics addicted to overtime? Take our quiz to find out if your work-life balance is bordering on 'burnout' status...

Are you addicted to overtime infographic

Thinking about changing careers in search of work-life balance? Find out which industries are naturally suited to your definition of work-life balance as revealed by SEEK Learning’s Defining Work-Life Balance Report 2015.