Learn how to deliver the perfect elevator pitch

Are you ready to kick off your job search and transition into a new career? Take the first step to getting interview-ready by developing a memorable personal brand that you can use to sell yourself to recruiters and prospective employers.  

With solid preparation and a confident delivery, you’ll have the edge over others to secure yourself the job you want and the perfect answer to the dreaded “Tell us a little about yourself” question. Just follow these five simple steps to get started…

1. Define your career goal

The key to accomplishing any career goal is starting off with a clear vision of the end state. Create a mental picture of your aspirations, whether it’s working in a particular role, industry, or for a particular company. Consider what kind of work will inspire and challenge you and make sure it’s represented in your goals.

Learn how to deliver a personal elevator pitch

2. Identify your strengths and unique selling points

Even though you may be new to an industry, every one of us is unique and has strengths that set us apart from others. Think about any new knowledge or practical skills you’ve recently acquired through study, or experience you can bring from work in another field. Then work out how these strengths can play a role in achieving the career goal you’ve just defined.

3. Summarise and refine on paper

While your elevator pitch shouldn’t take long to deliver, your personal brand is not something that can be developed quickly. Spend time writing down your goals and strengths as dot points. Then make sure you refine it to fit into a 30-second verbal delivery, so you’re only left with the points that will truly impress the interviewer.

4. Practise out loud

Deliver your pitch in front of the mirror, or to a parent, partner or friend to get accustomed to talking about yourself. Don’t worry if you feel a bit silly saying it out loud at first - it can help to get comfortable with the points you want to get across, instead of repeating it word-for-word each time.

5. Use it confidently in real life

Your elevator pitch is a great way to tell someone about yourself, and can be used at social or professional events in addition to job interviews. Use it when you meet a new person as a way of describing what you do, as well as your career aspirations. Just remember to keep it authentic and natural, and you’ll be ready for any interview or networking event that comes your way.